Energy Education and Outreach for All!

On Wednesday, December 13, 2017 OPC Community Outreach Specialist Denise E. Blackson presented to consumers at the Health Services Meeting located at 2124 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. SE in Washington, DC. Denise shared simple and practical tips consumers can use around their home. One tip she shared was encouraging consumers to develop the habit of unplugging small appliances when not in use to avoid phantom power losses and to consider plugging all appliances into power surge protecting power strips to prevent electrical damage.

Consumers asked where they could purchase energy savings night lights such as the ones demonstrated by Ms. Blackson and how the flat luminescent night light differs from those that use a bulb or an LED. Ms. Blackson shared that all of the products shown could be purchased at local hardware stores and provided a printed supply sheet with the details of stores and model numbers of the materials she had on display.

Consumer Maurice Chambers volunteered to take home OPC’s Energy Savings Bucket that has a CFL lightbulb, LED lightbulb, Hot Water Gauge, a refrigerator and freezer thermometer as well as weather-strip and follow-up with Denise in 3 months to share how he saved from today’s workshop. If you would like OPC to present to your community group please contact the Office of the People’s Counsel at (202) 727-3071.