Youth Energy Efficiency education at the Perry School

On Monday, November 27, 2017 OPC Community Outreach Specialist Denise E. Blackson presented an Energy Efficiency Workshop at the Perry School Afterschool Program located at 128 M Street NW in Washington, DC.

Ms. Blackson engaged the 14 youngsters present for this workshop in hands-on energy efficiency practices with verbal interaction using children’s educational coloring and activity books.

The youth enjoyed the interaction while learning about energy efficiency. Ms. Blackson expresses to the youth how we all use energy everywhere, every day, and all the time!



Denise emphasized a line from the Educational Coloring Book: Be Wise with Watt the Energy Saving Owl during the workshop.

To learn more about the Office of the People’s Counsel Energy Efficiency Workshop “Engaging Our Youth on Energy Efficiency Workshop” or to have an OPC speaker attend your event, please contact: Denise E. Blackson Community Outreach Specialist at (202) 727-3071.